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family homeMany homeowners have experienced bugs and mice as unwanted houseguests, but chemical pesticides are not healthy for you or your pets. Instead, try these natural ways of repelling the little nuisances to keep your home pest-free and as healthy as if they never invaded it in the first place.
  • Fruit flies: These critters are drawn to sweet smells, usually in the kitchen, and can multiply rapidly once inside. The best way to kill them is to trap them—and the best bait is honey. Place cups or bowls around the area with the highest concentration of fruit flies. Fill them with a few teaspoons of honey mixed with some fruit chunks and/or sweet wine. Cover the bowls/cups with plastic wrap and poke several tiny holes into it. The flies will be able to reach the sweet treat, but they’ll get stuck in the sticky honey and die off after a few days.
  • Mice: The scent of mint is intolerable to mice. And we’re not talking about Altoids or Wrigley’s Doublemint. Rather, place a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves around the problem area. You can also soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them into drawers, cabinets, shoes or any other area where mice like to hide.
  • Ants: These creepy crawlers may not crash your picnic if you bring some apple pie along. That’s because ants hate cinnamon. Block off any entry points to your home, such as cracks near doors and windows, with a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon. The ants are likely to skip over your home in lieu of another one that isn’t so unpleasant to invade.
  • Silverfish: These slimy insects are known for eating things like wallpaper and cereal. But, like many children, they don’t enjoy eating their greens. Slice up a cucumber (with the peel intact) and place a few pieces on a plate in problem areas, where the floor meets the wall. The taste of wallpaper won’t be as appealing when the scent of cucumber is nearby.
Pests aren’t the only things that can ruin your house. Call Pro Player Insurance Group at (954) 316-4662 for more information on Fort Lauderdale home insurance.
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