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Renters insurance has two main purposes: to protect your personal belongings from a variety of covered events and to protect guests in the event that they get injured or suffer property damage in your rental unit. Industry professionals recommend purchasing a renters insurance policy with at least $100,000 of liability coverage, but what about property coverage? READ MORE >>

Even the calmest drivers can get frustrated while driving to work in heavy traffic. With 130 million American employees hitting the road every day, it can be difficult to stay relaxed while driving. However, if you can find ways to relax while driving, you're more likely to stay safe on the road. READ MORE >>

Anchoring a boat in just the right spot can be tricky, especially for novice boaters. A bouncing anchor is a particular frustration that most boaters have experienced at least once. Below are three tips for selecting and setting your anchor every time. Select Your Anchor READ MORE >>

Having a teenager with a new driver's license can be a scary time for parents. The day the auto insurance bill comes in the mail can also be frightening. It's a fact that young, inexperienced drivers are at a higher risk for accidents, which means they cost more to insure. READ MORE >>

It’s been over a decade since Carnell “Cadillac” Williams set Auburn single-season rushing records and tore through SEC defenses on a weekly basis. With his playing career now behind him, Williams is now back on his old stomping grounds, ready to tackle some unfinished business. READ MORE >>

Most people are vigilant about keeping their homeowner's insurance policy up-to-date, but not many know exactly what it covers. A common question involves garages. Are they covered under the homeowner's policy, or do they need separate coverage? And what if the garage is detached? Does that make a difference? READ MORE >>

Sixty percent of Americans have life insurance policies, while the other forty percent (mostly young and single people) don't see the need to get life insurance right now. But the very moment they get married or have kids, they scramble to buy life insurance — as any accident or death will greatly affect their spouses and kids financially. READ MORE >>

Strong winds create uplifting, shearing and lateral forces that all cause damage to your home. When combined, these forces have the potential of destroying doors, windows and roofing. Once the outer shell is damaged, water will be able to enter the home causing interior damage. READ MORE >>

Umbrella insurance typically provides coverage that is not offered by an individual's auto, renters or homeowners insurance. Incidents that generate liability due to personal injury or property damage can potentially result in monetary claims that are not fully covered by one's primary policies. READ MORE >>

It's the time of year when trees and flowers are blooming, sending pollen spores out into the air. For a person with allergies, while the scenery is beautiful, breathing and functioning become difficult. It's easy to minimize these issues by taking allergy medicine. READ MORE >>

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