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In our society, lawsuits are not uncommon. It seems that anyone can sue someone else for even the simplest of things. Do you recall when McDonald’s was sued by a lady who's hot coffee burned her lap? She claimed she wasn’t warned about the extreme heat. READ MORE >>

Most college students are too busy cramming for the next test to even think about what would happen if a fire or a thief robbed them of their possessions. But, in reality, such a loss could be devastating. The average renter in America owns about $20,000 worth of personal belongings. READ MORE >>

Everyone’s guilty of “eating their feelings,” at least occasionally. Many people are under a lot of pressure at work or school, which triggers the cycle of stress, then eating and then feeling guilty about it. READ MORE >>

Floods can cause mass amounts of damage in a small amount of time. It’s hard to see your home in such a state of disrepair, but acting fast can be the difference between minor damage and detrimental losses. As soon as you can safely return to your property, use these cleanup tips to get started right away. READ MORE >>

You’ve probably noticed a change in price for healthcare polices, but what else has changed since the ACA took effect? Take a look at these five changes that are designed to benefit you: In the past, insurance companies could deny you coverage or suddenly drop you if you had a preexisting condition or fell ill during the course of coverage. READ MORE >>

Opening an online store is a great way to see if your business plans have traction; that is, if your products or services are unique enough to be in demand. Many small online retailers view the next step as opening up a brick-and-mortar retail store. But is this right for you? READ MORE >>

If you specifically list your electronic devices on your homeowners policy, they can be partially covered. However, it’s rare that the full replacement value is covered for a wide range of potential risks unless you specify those circumstances with your insurer. READ MORE >>

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers players Earnest Graham and Carnell “Cadillac” Williams will be appearing at an event at Mpower Studio, 2800 Davis Blvd #100 in Naples on Thursday, February 20 at 5:00pm. The event is a Real Estate Kickoff Event sponsored by MVP Realty Associates and will fe... READ MORE >>

With so many insurance providers offering so many types of life insurance policies, it’s no surprise that rumors spread. Many people think life insurance is too expensive or that its coverage is too limited. READ MORE >>

When it comes to contests, promotions and prizes, the Super Bowl hasn’t always been kind to Dallas-based SCA Promotions. Over the past decade, the prize/promotion insurer has paid out more years than not on contests related to football’s greatest game. READ MORE >>

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