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Pro Player Insurance Group Blog: 12_2013

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Proper hand washing has many benefits - staying healthy, not sharing germs and forming good hygiene habits. Daycare, school and playgrounds all carry germs that your children come in contact with everyday. Helping them learn at an early age to wash their hands correctly can lay a foundation that can help them stay healthy for the rest of their lives. READ MORE >>

Every business faces risks that require the protection of commercial insurance. But restaurants, bars and any other business that sell and serve alcohol open themselves up to even greater risks. It’s not uncommon for a drunk customer to crash into another car while driving home, or for a drunk customer to start a fight with other customers or even employees. READ MORE >>

Earnest Graham’s Giving In Earnest Foundation hosts 1st Annual Book Drive and collects over 300 books for the Children of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County WHAT Great human interest story, complete with strong visual elements. READ MORE >>

Low employee morale can lead to poor productivity and an increased turnover rate, ultimately impairing a business’ ability to reach goals. Over 40 percent of the American workforce admits that a lack of recognition is the top cause of unhappiness in the workplace. READ MORE >>

Earnest Graham will carry on the legacy of his family as a businessman in his hometown of Fort Myers. The 1998 Mariner High School graduate also wants to create a legacy of improving Southwest Florida football. READ MORE >>

Your homeowners or renters insurance policy does include contents coverage, but it is often very limited and may even put caps on valuable items such as jewelry. The last thing you want is to lose your deceased grandmother’s engagement ring in a robbery only to discover that your insurance won’t cover the cost of replacement. READ MORE >>

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